reinhard braun (ed.): günther selichar – nocturnal office for real(i)ties (revisited). subtexts on working in and with mass media. (graz: camera austria, 2022).
german/english, 144 p., design by satz und sätze, graz.

reinhard braun

the nocturnal office for real(i)ties by günther selichar creates a space in which questions can be posed concerning the origins of photographic images and what lies “behind” them: the production processes, technology, distribution channels, and “sub I texte” that have decisively influenced and determined the conditions under which they were made. created between 1981 and 1983, the nocturnal office for real(i)ties takes the reader back to the starting point, as it were, of the critical processing of apparatus-based images and offers a means to identify the discontinuities in discourse and the differences between then and now, while at the same time marking a continuity of criticism and the political.