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Who’s Afraid of Blue, Red and Green? - Embedded, Public Intervention 2006

2 banners, each ink-jet-print/vinyl mounted on trailer, 2,75 m x 15,85 m (9 feet x 52 feet), Boston, USA

The public art project was staged in the greater Boston metro area and co-opted advertising space in mobile systems, the project was realized in association with the Tufts University Art Gallery exhibition, Günther Selichar: Media Machines, September 8 – November 19, 2006 and was organized by G. Selichar and Tufts University Art Gallery.

Video: Ian Macfarland, Boston

Amy I. Schlegel

Selichar has extrapolated his concerns with colored screen surfaces to the public realm in several public art “interventions” which he has staged since 1993 on display at venues in New York City, Shanghai, China, various European cities, and now in Boston.

Most recently, in 2004 Selichar was invited by Creative Time, a temporary public art commissioning agency in New York City, to create a digital animation for its program “The 59th Minute” on the NBC Astrovision Panasonic screen in Times Square.

In Boston, Selichar’s public art intervention is mobile and co-opts traditional advertising space. He typed the word “embedded” on a computer, photographed the screen, and enlarged it to monumental proportions (9 ft. high x 52 ft. long), employing the rectangular Cinemascope aspect ratio perfectly suited to the format of a tractor trailer. Concept and image are perfectly united in this project.

Amy Ingrid Schlegel
Director of the Galleries and Collections, Tufts University, Medford/Boston