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Who´s´Afraid of Blue, Red and Green?, public intervention 1995/2004

Interactive webproject + competition with screening in public space (Panasonic screen, Times Square, New York), with animations by Atomicelroy, Anne Wolfius and John Spiff, The 59 th Minute, Creative Time, New York (USA)

Photo: G. Selichar, Wien
Video: Chaos Studios - Atomicelroy, Colorado Springs, USA 2004

Who's Afraid of Blue, Red, and Green?  -  CREATIVETIME, New York



In early 2004, Creative Time and Panasonic began Günther Selichar’s project ‘Who’s Afraid of Blue, Red, and Green?’ an online competition and public art project based on the elementary visual building blocks of digital display screens. From January 21 – March 31, 2004. Selichar invited participants to design a digital animation comprised of 15 vertical compositions in blue, red, and green via his website. Three winning entries were chosen by a jury, which included: Günther Selichar, artist Peter Halley, Curator of Digital Media at the American Museum of the Moving Image Carl Goodman, artist Erwin Redl, Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum, Writer and Artist Barbara Pollack, Curator and Producer Yvonne Force, Executive Director of Creative Time Anne Pasternak, Curator Benjamin Weil, as well as Justin Camerlengo and Sarah Jacobo from Panasonic.


The winning animations were created by: Atomicelroy, Anne Wolfius and John Spiff. According to Selichar, “The three finalists responded to the project in a convincing and precise manner by simultaneously showing it’s complex possibilities and the beauty of simplicity.” Their work was featured at the last minute of every hour on the NBC Astrovision in New York’s Times Square. Panasonic presented the conjoined animations, in cooperation with Creative Time as part of the series The 59th Minute: Video Art on the Times Square Astrovision.


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