kerstin stremmel: günther selichar – the double you series. (salzburg/gera/vienna: museum der moderne salzburg/city of gera, kunstsammlung gera/verlag für moderne kunst, 2022/23).
german/english, 292 p., design by florian lamm, lamm & kirch, berlin/leipzig.

kerstin stremmel

“the double-you-series” is based on the eponymous body of works that günther selichar created in 2020–2022. instead of text, the artist’s book contains pictures of words: color images of four different screens with varying pixel shapes and scans from a variety of printed publications featuring diverse fonts. they spell the questions “who?”, “what?”,  “where?”, “when?”, and “why?”, which guide journalists’ investigations and structure their output. with his text images, the media artist and theorist draws a line from early printed mass-media reproductions to texts on screens. the book prompts us to reflect on facts, which have lately often been supplanted by narratives.