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Who’s Afraid of Blue, Red and Green? 2002/03

Installation OÖ.Landesgalerie, Linz (A) 2004

Photo: dr. erhard suess, Wien

Amy I. Schlegel

In this triptych, Selichar photographed the same Samsung 16:10 LCD computer screen three times in different “test” modes—red, blue, and green.  Computer programmers developed this feature to ensure that all the pixels are functioning properly when the computer is turned on.  Since screens do not have an inherent color and pixels are monochromatic, Selichar’s triptych conceptually illuminates the three basic but “invisible” colors of all computer screens, an effect achieved photographically by seizing on a special mode only available to programmers. He digitally separates out colors that merge optically, much like Newman isolated and juxtaposed the three primary colors in his “analog” (pre-digital era) paintings.

Amy I. Schlegel
Director of the Galleries and Collections, Tufts University, Medford/Boston